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Homelessness doesn't segregate. Homelessness doesn't play favorites. Homelessness affects everyone, especially children. Did you know that there are 367 Homeless children in the city of Harrisburg? Many of these children live on the street while others are "Doubled-up". "Doubled-up" means that the family is temporarily living with friends of relatives. Sometimes this means sleeping on couches or the floor. That is why the concept of "Bed In A Bag" was invented. The "Bed In A Bag" consists of a full size Air Mattress with pump, 4 D batteries, a full size sheet set with pillowcases and also a full size blanket.


All items purchased for "Bed In A Bag" are from walmart. Here are some examples:

Each "Bed In A Bag" can cost up to $120.00.
Donations to the Bed In A Bag Program are always appreciated. 

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