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Early Christians went to the Catacombs of Rome to discuss their faith! Many Christians during Prohibition went to the speakeasies to find friends, entertainment and refreshment. Many Christians find attending church more a place to listen then to discuss their faith. Now, Grace Church invites you to Grace on Tap – held monthly on the second Wednesday of the month at the Sturges Speakeasy (400 Forster Street) from 5:15-6:15pm. (Parking is suggested on State Street which is free or in the parking lot behind Messiah Lutheran Church.) Note – there are no hidden doors or passwords, but the gathering place is up a flight of stairs on the second floor! 


To borrow some famous lyrics, Grace on Tap is a place “to take a break from all your worries”, to help you “make it in the world today”, to help you “get away” and focus on your spiritual growth. Here is a place “where everyone will know your name” and grow together in our faith journey.

Upcoming discussions are: 

November - Thanks Giving is Not Always Easy 

December - A Not so Perfect Christmas 

January - New Beginnings 

February - Love (February 14) 

The group will decide future topics. 


The group will be facilitated by Wayne Bender, and the launch team includes: Claudia Lukert, Bonnie Rhoads, Nate Nick, Andy Hutchinson, and Hilary Holmes.

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