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Early Christians went to the Catacombs of Rome to discuss their faith! Many Christians during Prohibition went to the speakeasies to find friends, entertainment and refreshment. Many Christians find attending church more a place to listen then to discuss their faith. Now, Grace Church invites you to Grace on Tap – held monthly on the second Wednesday of the month at the ZeroDay Brewing Company Taproom (925 N. 3rd Street, Harrisburg) from 5:15-6:30pm. 

Note: there are no hidden doors or passwords,
and the taproom is handicapped accessible with no steps.


To borrow some famous lyrics, Grace on Tap is a place “to take a break from all your worries”, to help you “make it in the world today”, to help you “get away” and focus on your spiritual growth. Here is a place “where everyone will know your name”
and grow together in our faith journey.


Upcoming discussions are: 


June 12: Healing and Miracles

To prep for our discussion, we encourage you to watch the movie, The Miracle Club, on Netflix, starring Maggie Smith, Kathy Bates & Laura Linney.  It’s the story of three women from Dublin, Ireland, who travel to Lourdes, France to a holy shrine for healing. Did they get healed, or not? The discussion will focus on how we seek healing and deal with miracles today.

If you don’t have Netflix and would like to watch the movie, you are invited to Lisa & Wayne Bender’s home near Progress Ave. and 81 on Monday, June 10th at 7pm. Contact the church for the address. Invite someone to watch the movie with you - and then invite them to Grace on Tap!  Tons of room at ZeroDay - all welcome.


July 10, 5:15pm: Radical Hospitality 

Picnic at the home of Robert & Eileen Young

Everyone Bring & Share a Dish. BBQ sandwiches provided.

August 14: Christian response to the polarization
of the political party system in the US
(AKA how to survive election season with your faith in tact.)


The group will be facilitated by Wayne Bender,
and the launch team includes: Claudia Lukert, Bonnie Rhoads,
Nate Nick, Andy Hutchinson, and Hilary Holmes.

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